The Moat Club - Our New Logo

Our new logo was unveiled at the 2006 Programme Launch on Wed 22nd Feb 2006 by our PRO, Anne Delaney.

There are many theories behind the reason for the serpent, the symbol of which appears on our logo and on the Naas coat of arms. St. Patrick visited Naas on several occasions and his banishing of snakes is a well-known tale. The knights Hospitallers of St. John founded a hospital at Maudlins and the snake is of course, the traditional symbol of medicine. Moses is said to have cured a child from a snake bite and the child’s descendants, the Milesians, invaded Ireland and subsequently settled in Naas where ‘no serpent would have venom’. Interestingly, the Hebrew word for snake is “nahhash”. A snake also appears on the silver ceremonial Mace of Naas circa 1650 - now in the National museum. We are very lucky in the Moat Club to have an eminent local historian Stan Hickey, also one of our long standing members, provide us with details on this interesting research into the serpent.

The theatre masks of course, are a symbol of what we do. The sad mask denotes the tragic, the happy mask the comic. Indeed we hope that you our audiences will share those tears and laughter with us, the Moat Club, in our beautiful theatre for many shows and years to come.