The Moat Club Update - 2nd April 2012

Easter 1917 – Set Build

Will take place on Good Friday (6th April) and the evenings of Saturday and Sunday 7th, 8th. We really need as many people as possible to get the build done, as we cannot work during Saturday and Sunday due to the Easter Craft Fair. Please let me know if you are able to attend – even an hour or two would be a massive help. We will be starting at 10am on Friday.

If you have newspapers, card, etc as requested last week, please bring them along – or drop them in on Thursday. We will need a lot of people to help dress the set, beginning from the Friday if possible. So if you can paint, decorate, or any of those other skills, we will certainly find a few jobs for you!

Bunker Update

The two storage bunkers downstairs from the auditorium have now been locked. Members wishing to access the bunkers can sign out (and back in again!) the key from the Theatre box office. Members are reminded to keep the bunkers tidy at all times. Any queries on this, please contact Barry Goodwin or Padraig Broe.

Easter 1917 – Extract

Join us in Kavanagh’s at 9pm on Easter Monday for a free excerpt from the play (and maybe a drink or two….) - in case you haven't seen the photos that went up on facebook this week, I've attached a few to this email.

Easter Parade

It looks like due a lack of sufficient interest from the members, that we will have to withdraw our entry from the Naas Easter Parade. I believe there is no value in us entering a really poor float, which shows the club in a bad light, and on this basis the “least worst” decision would be to withdraw. This would be a really disappointing development for the club, as the parade is a fantastic opportunity to showcase ourselves on a day when virtually every other club, organisation and business from the town will be out in force. The parade is also organized personally by the Mayor of Naas, Willie Callaghan, who was so positive about the Moat Club after the launch night, so hopefully it would not damage too much our increasingly positive relationships with him and the rest of the town council.

In case there are still members who are willing to get involved (you will be needed on the day from approx. 1.30pm – 5pm), I will hold off on cancelling our participation for a few days, but if we do not get a number of people coming forward, we will have to cancel our float by Thursday. Therefore, please let me know immediately if you can come on board.

Easter Craft Fair

The Easter Food & Craft Fair at the Moat Theatre takes place this Saturday (10-6) and Sunday (10-5). A wide range of organic food, beauty products, jewellery, art and many more will be available across both days so please try to support if you can. Also, if you are in a position to help out for a little while on either day - principally selling raffle tickets and so on - please get in touch with Padraic Doyle (0871460467)

Call for Film Extras – Email from Paul Sheehan

Reminder of call for extras for the film which Paul Sheehan is shooting (needed on Saturday 14th).

'Jingles' Jewellery Evening

This one is more likely to appeal to the female membership, but the men are of course welcome if they want (or you can tell your wives/girlfiends, etc)! If anyone would be interested in attending an evening full of jewellery, hats, and all that jazz in Jingles (across the road from Top Twenty), which Dee is hoping to organise, please get in touch with her on, so she can arrange a night that suits. Admission will be free, and some nibbles and drinks would be provided. The Moat Club itself would get to keep 10% of any sales on the night, so you could treat yourself and help the club in one fell swoop. Please let Dee know so she can arrange a suitable night. Ad

Just to let you know in case any of you were still applying, that the KTV ad which was looking for actors last week has now been made, and actors are no longer required at this time.

The Moat Performing Arts Carnival will once again invade the streets of Naas on 29th, 30th June and 1st July.

And once again we are looking for volunteers to help continue the success of previous years.

Street Performers
I am looking for performers to take to the streets over the course of the weekend to spread some Pantomonium through the town. This has been the highlight of the Carnival for the past two years and the plan this year is to make it bigger and better.

It is hoped to have about 30 performers on the streets throughout the weekend dressed as various Pantomime/Fairy Tale Characters. The role of these performers is to bring as much fun as possible to the town by improvising with the spectators on the street throughout the weekend.

There will be preparatory workshops prior to the carnival to develop the various characters and to build relationships/storylines amongst them. A lot of the work is improvisation but there are also some sketches/scenes being written that could be played in various parts of the street if people are interested.

Street Decorators
I am seeking a group of volunteers to take responsibility for decorating the main street in the early morning hours of the Carnival.

Previously we have wrapped all the trees with materials and colourful bows. The plan is this same this year… but as always we are looking for new ideas on how to brighten up the town and bring a carnival atmosphere to the streets.

Canal Candlelight Walk
Volunteers are needed to take on the task of organising the Candlelight Walk. This is basically setting out the candles in jars in the evening, lighting them and making sure they stay lit throughout the evening. Then, once the public have gone home, the candles need to be extinguished and the jars collected and recycled.

Site Specific Performance/Pop up theatre
Directors should start thinking now about plays that they might like to submit for site specific performances through the weekend. Last year there were some fabulous pieces performed in Kavanagh’s Pub and the Library. I would love to have more of this during the weekend this year. We are being approached by businesses in the town who would love to have us perform on their premises… so get the thinking caps on let me know your ideas.

Shop Window Decorators
I hope to get permission to dress some of windows of the vacant shops along the Main Street. So if you ever fancied doing a spot of window dressing this is your chance. The aim is to encourage shopkeepers along the street to dress their windows in a theatrical manner… so we want to lead by example.

If you would be interested in working with me on this, please let me know. If a few of us could put our creative heads together, come up with some themes and costumes/props we could really make a difference to the overall carnival.

What to do next??
In order to get a plan together I need to know who’s going to come on board and work with me. If enough of us get together there shouldn’t be any pressure and hopefully we’ll have great fun.
As you can see there is too much work for one person, in fact there is a job for every single Moat Club Member… so please be sure to volunteer your services. You will be given support in whatever task you feel you can take on.
I can promise you two things…. The first is that it will be great fun… and the second is that the planning process will probably involve a few visits to Kavanagh’s!!

So you can text me on 087-7561994 or e-mail
Looking forward to a fabulous Carnival…