The Moat Club Update - 1st September 2011

So for those of you who couldn't make it to the Club Party - you missed a great night - but for those who were there if you have photos send them along to me and we'll pop them up on the Moat Club facebook page. Many thanks to all those who made the night such a success.

Today's update is primarily made up of messages from other people...

A message from Eugene - re: Panto

I am in the process of putting the script of the panto together. It would help if anyone who is interested in a part to e mail or text me 0861574862 so that I can see the level of interest and come to a decision on the cast

A message from David - re: the play library

I am looking to see if the following play is about?

'Last Tango in Little Grimley' by David Tristam - there is a folder for it in the library as I checked last night. I want to copy it to send to a friend in another drama group down the west.

Also there were quite a few plays missing - if you have borrowed any could you please return them, or ones that do not want to assist with new play selections?


A message from Gerard - re: Skullduggery

Friends and colleagues,

As some of you may have seen, our show “Skullduggery” will be appearing for the first time at the Moat as part of the Culture Night programme on 23 September at 9pm. This free performance is part of a great night’s free entertainment at the Moat Theatre, but from our point of view it is also a curtain-raiser for some very exciting dates and venues later in September and October.

From 17th-29th October, the play will appear at Bewley’s Café Theatre, Grafton Street. This is a really exciting venture for us and would be great if you were able to support us. The play is on every Monday-Saturday (i.e. every day from 17th-29th except Sunday 23rd) at 1.10pm. Tickets cost €8-€12 and are available on 086-8784001 or by emailing

If lunchtime performances may not suit but you would still like to see it, we are also doing 3 nights in the Mill Theatre Studio, Dundrum from 29th September – 1st October at 7.50pm. Tickets for here cost €12 and can be booked on 01-2969340.

We are also in the process of confirming some other one-off performances in pubs, clubs in different places for early October (one of these will be in Kavanagh's Bar - date TBC) but for now I just wanted to let you know of these shows.

Some of you will already have seen the show, and if you enjoyed it maybe you’d like to come and enjoy it again. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s your chance to see it in what is our most exciting run yet.

I’ve attached the usual info on the show below if you are interested.

Hope to see some of you there. Please drop me a line if you have any queries.


devise+conquer theatre company present


By Gerard O’Shea
Directed by Lianne O’Shea

A drinkin’ drivin’ smokin’ skivin’ rockin’ ridin’ trip

With John Currivan and Gerard O’Shea

“When we was twenty two Rolo and me went on a trip…”

When Rolo heads west on a job his mate Zoo comes along for the ride. Heading for Ennis, they happen upon all manner of man, woman and beast.
They party hard and live wild and hardly a law goes unbroken.

The two actors who play Rolo and Zoo also portray all the characters they meet on their trip, from Beth and Nina in the Silken Thomas in Kildare to
Uche “the black Stephen Hendry”, Daniel O’Connell and many many more.

Hilarious, action-packed, high-paced comedy.

Warning: Contains Strong Language

That's all for now folks! As before help is welcome this Sunday for the Clubs open day down at the council offices (12-4) - please let me know if you can give an hour or two.

And of course I'll see you all at the AGM on Monday!

The Moat Club Update - 6th September 2011

So it may only be September - but from the point of view of the Club it's a new year - so all's changed...

2011/2012 Committee

Following the AGM last night the new committee are as follows:

President: Margaret Martin
Vice-President: Georgie Clince
Chairperson: John Brickley
Vice-Chair: Lianne O'Shea
Secretary: Gerard O'Shea
Recording Sec: Cathal Healy
Treasurer: Barry Goodwin
Ass Treasurer: Moll Fullam
PRO: Pat Keaveny
Artistic Secretary (new position created at the AGM): John Lennon
Auditors: John Murphy, Paddy Martin
Ordinary Committee Memebers: Conor Sweeney, Padraic Doyle, Cathy Lawler, Aidan Brehony, Sarah Gallagher, Kay Delaney

Sub-Committees and Working Groups

In addition to the committee there are subcommittees and teams with responsibility in certain areas - members for these are elected at the first committee meeting of the year - which is the 12th September - if you are interested in being considered for one of these groups please get in touch with me before the 12th Sept.

Artistic Committee- the group which seeks applications from directors and presents the programme of plays to the committee for approval - they also look after workshops and other artistic endeavours in the club. We are looking for two new members for this group and ideally once elected they would hold the position for two years.

Finance Committee - those of you at the AGM will know that we have our work cut out for us in this respect - even with the success of the carnival so we'll need a really strong group of people to get involved here - fundraising, funding applications and budgetary cutbacks will be the order of the day here

PR Team- a group of people who support the PR officer in publicising the activities of the club: Eilish and Una will remain with Pat so we'll be looking for one or two new people - I also know they would welcome any ideas on boosting publicity for our shows even if you don't want to become a team member

Social Committee- We put in a lot of hard work to keep the Club going - but lets not forget that this is our Club and it's about having fun together - the social committee are there to make sure we have the opportunity to kick back an enjoy ourselves. Continuing on from the successful end of year party this team will try to develop post show parties and other events throughout the year to give us a reason to get together - other than a bunker tidy!

Front of House and Bar

As ever we are looking for people to pitch in on Front of House and Bar.

The bar person/people arrive at or before 7.30 set up the bar and serve drinks till five to 8 - they also take orders for interval drinks (if there is an interval) and put these out during the first half. They serve drinks during the interval and then tidy up the bar once the show goes up for the second half. Yes there's a bit of training to doing the bar - but it's not too difficult and if you're only new you'll be put on with someone who knows the ropes!

The front of house team arrive at 7.30, show people to their seats (sell or hand out programmes), and then two of them wait in the building as fire officers till the show is over. Each night has a co-ordinator and every month they will try and organise people for what ever shows need to be staffed - just because you sign up to Monday nights doesn't mean you'd be doing every monday night - it means the co-ordiator could contact you to see if you're available - so PLEASE PLEASE get back to me with a day you'd be willing to cover and your mobile number so the co-ordinator can contact you.

I'd really appreciate if everyone can sign up for either Bar or Front of House for one night a week - please send me a mail with your job preference, the day you're available and a mobile contact number.

Before I finish on behalf of the Club I'd like to pass on our condolences to Padraic Doyle on the loss of his mother - our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

That's all for now folks - from now on you're weekly updates will be coming from Gerard O'Shea - if you have anything you want included - auditions times... requests for props... ???... then pass it on to him and he'll include it his e-mail address is:, and his mobile number is 087 4137471.

The Moat Club Update - 13th September 2011

Long email this week, as there is a fair bit of stuff in the pipeline as we start the new season.

Annual subscriptions of €35 are now due for 2011/2. These can be given to any member of the committee or left at the box office for Moll Fullam, Assistant Honorary Treasurer. You need to pay your subscription in order to be covered by the club’s insurance policy. The subs we all pay are an important contributor to the financial health and cash flow of our club, so please make this payment as soon as possible. You will receive a membership card for the year with the details of your next renewal date.

Panto 2011
Auditions for the 2011 Panto “Aladdin” directed by Eugene Delaney will take place in the Theatre on Wednesday 21st September at 8pm.

Junior Membership
The 2011 AGM adopted a resolution approving the idea of a Junior Membership category of the Moat Club. The committee have now agreed that this will be available to people aged 16-18 years old. The committee have also appointed a working group (John Lennon, Sarah Gallagher, Conor Sweeney and Gerard O’Shea) to draw up draft conditions of Junior Membership for committee approval.

Festival Play
The Moat Club’s 2012 Festival play will be “The Importance of Being Earnest” directed by David Cullinane. Details will follow in due course. Good luck to David.

Play Reading Group
We had great fun with our play reading group last year, where we got through classic and new plays by the likes of Wilde, Rose, Churchill and Bolger. The play-reading group is recommencing on Sunday evening 18 September at 7pm with one of the great modern plays, Martin McDonagh’s “The Pillowman”. If ever there was a ‘page turner’ of a play, this is it. Come and enjoy it in the company of your fellow club members over tea/coffee/cakes/biscuits/a bottle of wine (it’s Bring your Own) in the Green Room.
The next instalments will be “Our Country’s Good” by Timberlake Wertenbaker (9th Oct) and Faustus Kelly by Myles na Gopaleen (Oct 23rd). If you have any suggestions for plays to read, contact Lianne O’Shea.

Moat Club Website
The Moat Club website has recently got a major update so please check it out. There is also a brand new “member’s page” section with loads of details of what’s going on about the place. Check out the website at

“Gothic Night”
We have an added a fundraising / social evening for Sunday 30th October, “Gothic Night”, an evening of poetry readings, excerpts from novels or short stories, play extracts and so on, all with a Gothic feel on the eve of Halloween. At the moment, we are still putting together material and looking for club members to get involved, so if you would like to read from Dracula, Frankenstein, Jekyll & Hyde, Edgar Allan Poe and so forth – or indeed if you have any suggestions for material to be included, please get in touch with Gerard O’Shea or Lianne O’Shea

The evening of Yeats poetry in October 2010 went extremely well and was very popular with all who attended. Hopefully this themed evening will be similarly regarded. Tickets will cost €10 and includes wine and finger food. An occasion of this scale is obviously not going to raise enough money to single-handedly clear our debts, but it is a good opportunity to raise a small bit for the club. Tickets for members are free IF they drop in a bottle of wine to the box office for use on the night.

Front of House / Bar
If the front of house or bar co-ordinators would like to contact me, I can include details of forthcoming rota for each night in these weekly emails, as a further reminder to members about the nights they are on.

If you have anything you would like included in next week’s update, please send it to me by Monday 19th. You can send emails to either or

The Moat Club Update - 20th September 2011

Hi again everyone, here is the update of the various goings on around the club this week.

Front of House Training Night
Michael Broe will lead a training session for Front of House volunteers in the Theatre on 22 September (this coming Thursday) at 8pm. A number of members had requested that such a session be provided to inform them of the various procedures, protocols, etc required, so if you work on front of house please make sure to attend this meeting. Kathleen will also be on hand to deal with any queries.

Culture Night
In case you hadn’t noticed, the Moat Theatre’s contribution to Culture Night this Friday 23rd September is an exciting and varied programme, with the Moat Club at the heart of it. ‘The Belmullet’ directed by Eilish Rafferty at 7.30pm is followed by excerpts from the October production of ‘Dancing at Lughnasa’ directed by Wilma O’Keeffe at 8pm. Moat Club members Gerard & Lianne O’Shea are involved in devise+conquer theatre company’s production of ‘Skullduggery’ at 9pm and earlier in the afternoon Celine will lead a Poi workshop for teenagers. All Culture Night events are FREE.

Elsewhere, Moat Club members are involved in other Culture Night events. John Mooney and Sarah Gallagher will appear as Mr. & Mrs. Wolfe Tone in ‘Leaving Chateau Boue’ as part of a Theobald Wolfe Tone themed evening at Sallins National School. Their piece starts at 7.45pm sharp.

P.R. Team
The PR Team are still looking for at least one additional member. The work of the PR team is critical to the club. Selling our own shows is one of the single greatest contributions we can make towards raising funds, and the PR team works extremely hard at this through press releases, posters, flyers, online media such as email, Facebook and Twitter, Media Listings, Radio Promotion, Direct mailings of target audiences, window displays and many more imaginative ways. If you are interested and willing to help, please contact the PR Officer Pat Keaveny ( or any member of the main committee.


Save the date for auditions for the 2012 Moat Club Festival Play ‘The Importance of Being Earnest.’ – Monday 17th October at 7.45pm. There will be more details to follow on this in the coming weeks.

Also, as a reminder, Panto auditions will take place on Wednesday next, 21st September at 8pm.

Artistic Committee
The main committee have elected the two new members of the Artistic Committee who will serve for the next two years: Paul O’Brien and Pat Callaghan. Paul and Pat join Moll Fullam and Barbara Sheridan on the committee, as well as Artistic Secretary John Lennon.

The artistic committee are also looking for submissions for directors for the various slots in 2012. Interested directors/producers should contact a member of the artistic committee.

Finance Committee

The following members have been appointed to the club finance committee: Hugh Gallagher (Chairman), Paddy Martin, Michael Broe, Aidan Brehony, Pádraic Doyle, Paddy Martin, Kay Delaney, John Flannery, Gerard O’Shea

Owing to the poor state of the club’s and theatre’s finances at present, the work of this committee is crucial at the moment. Any ideas for cost-cutting or fundraising would be most welcome, and you can contact Hugh ( or any member of the committee with any suggestions you have.

Social Committee
Social committee for 2011/2: Lianne O’Shea, Conor Sweeney, Barry Goodwin, Deirdre Ní Mháirtín, Jim Hutchin. They will be trying to put together an exciting and varied programme of social events for the year so please let them know if you have any suggestions.

They have already organised an upcoming event, which you should mark in your diaries…. An outing to the theatre…. “Silent” by former Moat Club Member Pat Kinevane in the Moat Theatre on Friday 30th September, going for dinner together beforehand in Swapna Indian Restaurant at 6.30pm. Members interested should contact one of the social committee so they have an idea of numbers. You should get your own tickets to the show, and then meet outside the theatre at 6.25pm. Swapna do three courses for €12.50 and the food there is great.

Board of Management
Michael Broe and Hugh Gallagher were elected by the committee to join the Board of Management of the Theatre. They will serve alongside the Moat Club Chairman (John Brickley) and Declan Naughton, as well as Naas Town Council Members (currently Alan O’Kelly and Pat Clear).

Another reminder that 2011/2 subscriptions are now due, and a big thank you to those who have already paid. Payment should be made to Moll Fullam, Assistant Honorary Treasurer, or any member of the committee. Moll can provide you with membership forms which you should complete so we can keep your contact details and areas of interest up to date.

Table Quiz
O’Connor’s Bar has been booked for a Table Quiz on Wednesday evening 5th October. Please come along and support it, and bring your friends to have as many teams as possible! Or if you’d like to get involved helping out on it, please let me know.

Play Reading Group

The play-reading group reconvened last Sunday for Martin McDonagh’s chilling ‘The Pillowman’ over tea, coffee, cake and wine. It really is a great evening out to read and have a chat about different plays, and get together with fellow club members. The next play reading will be “Our Country’s Good” by Timberlake Wertenbaker on Sunday 9th October at 7pm. If you have any suggestions for future evenings, please drop me a line.

Material for Updates
If anyone has notifications they would like included in next Tuesday’s update (27th Sept), please let me know by Monday 26th.


The Moat Club Update - 27th September 2011

Thanks to everyone who has given feedback on these updates, and it’s great to hear so many of you are enjoying them.

Here is the update of the various happenings this week.

Once again, can we remind you that 2011/2 subscriptions are now due, and say a big thank you to those who have already paid. Payment should be made to Moll Fullam, Assistant Honorary Treasurer, or any member of the committee. Moll can provide you with membership forms which you should complete so we can keep your contact details and areas of interest up to date.

“Dancing at Lughnasa”
Just a couple of weeks to go before the Mundy sisters hit the Moat stage and you should definitely come along and see the fruits of all the hard work put in by all concerned over the past while – and encourage your friends and neighbours to do so as well. It is a classic of Irish theatre, and one of Brian Friel’s best-loved plays, and is sure to prove a big hit.

As the play is on the exam syllabus, the play is being sold to schools. Several schools have already booked, including some large groups, so if you don’t book well in advance it may be difficult to get tickets for yourself, your friends and family. Booking with the Theatre Box Office on 045-883030.

Also, the posters are available and you may have seen them if you were around the Moat over the weekend. They are availbale in the box office and the PR Team would like everyone to take one with them for their car, workplace or local shop. Plus, if anyone can poster their village or outlying town, please let one of the committee know and then take as many posters as you need.

“Silent” at the Moat Theatre
As announced last week, the Social Committee have organised a group outing to see former Moat Club member Pat Kinevane in his one-man show ‘Silent’, with dinner beforehand in Swapna Indian Restaurant. ‘Silent’ presented by Fishamble is at the Moat on 30th September – this coming Friday. Many members enjoyed Pat’s play ‘Forgotten’ when it played at the Moat – and Pat generously donated the proceeds to the theatre.

Lots of us have already seen this show elsewhere, and it has wowed audiences wherever it has played, picking up a “FringeFirst” award in Edinburgh earlier this year. It would be fabulous for Pat to play to a full house in the club where he was a member for so long, so if members can make it along it will be worth the effort as ‘Silent’ is challenging, moving and very entertaining, and promises to be a great evening’s theatre, and coupled with dinner, the company of friends and colleagues and perhaps a drink or two, a great social evening as well.

Table Quiz
Getting close now to our fundraiser and social evening Table Quiz in O’Connor’s – Wednesday 5th October. Asking the questions on the night will be our own Pat Callaghan. Please come along and support it, and bring your friends. Tables of 4 cost €40.

“Something Wicked This Way Comes”

You may have seen the posters up about the place for our evening of Gothic poetry and music on 30th October at 8.30pm. We have some great pieces lined up so far for performance on the night – extracts from novels like Dracula and Frankenstein, short stories, rehearsed choral readings of poems, music, extracts from plays and so on – but we are still looking for more! If you have any ideas, or want to be involved, please drop me a line.

Tickets for the event will cost €10 for members of the public and include wine and finger food, but club members can get their tickets for free simply by bringing a bottle of wine and handing it into the box office for serving on the night.

It should be a suitably eerie but entertaining night for Hallowe’en, and again a great fundraising and social occasion. Hallowe’en attire is optional so if you fancy getting dressed up, you’d fit right in!

Moat Christmas Fair
Plans are beginning to take shape for the Moat Christmas Fair on 25th and 26th November with craft stalls being filled, Santas being sourced and entertainment being lined up. There will be lots more details to follow over the next while, but there is always room for more people to get involved in organising or being a part of this – so please get in touch if you want to offer your services!

Committee Members

For members of the committee, the next meeting takes place on Monday October 3rd at 8pm.