The Moat Club Update - 3rd August 2011


As promised we'll be cracking into the painting this month. On Monday 8th Aug at 8pm Shay Quinn will be meeting people who are interested in getting involved with the work - you wont need your paint brush for this - it's to work out what areas need to be painted - come up with a shopping list - and organise times for people to get cracking - so if you're able to lend a hand over the month come along that night and sign up.

End of Year Party

It's been a tough year in the Club and we've put in a lot of hard work - whether it was the bunker clean-up or the Carnival or on any of the shows which have taken place - but now is our time to kick back and relax - get together with friends and celebrate what we do as a club. We'll be glizting up the auditorium - so all ye need do is glam yourselves up!

This year as part of the end of year party we'll be screening 'Moving On' - Barbara Sheridans film from the 80's which has been digitally remastered and all that! We're hoping that we'll have members old and young on hand to share their memories and stories of the place - not to mention an "All together now" sing song.

What'll keep you going all night long - (asides from the craic) well there will of course be food provided and the event is BYOB. So grab your husband/wife boy or girl-friend and come along to the Moat Theatre on Saturday 27th August from 8.30pm.

Please RSVP for this event by Monday 22nd August. Also a donation of 5 per person can be paid on the night to help cover costs.

Church Gate Collection

After a lot of trying we've been given permission to hold a church gate collection - this is going to be happening this Sunday 7th August so we need some volunteers to rattle a bucket outside Naas, Ballycane and Two Mile House at each of the masses.

If you can cover even on of the masses please get in touch with Kathleen at the box office on 045 883030 or


You will have received notification of these meetings in the post - it's really important to pass the final part of our transition to a ltd company so I would encourage everyone to come along this night (Mon 5th Sept) - also there will be elections for officers of the club and committee - which is your chance to get involved: is there a side of the club that could stand to be improved? Are we missing out on something? Then come along and make your voice heard. Get involved, and if you think there's a problem, change it! In addition to the Club committee there's also the PR Team, the Finance Committee and the Artistic Committee

The Moat Club Update - 22nd August 2011

End of Year Party

Don't forget the End of Year Party in the Moat Theatre. Barbara's film - 'Moving On' - a good old sing song around the piano - some lovely food and what ever tipple you'd like to bring with you.

This is a great opportunity to get together with Friends - talk about what we've been up to in the club so far this year - what's on the cards for the year ahead including Dancing at Lug. which is just around the corner - and of course the panto and then ideas for next year! So lets get talking about what plays we could look to do in the year ahead - are the social events we'd love to pull off - one night only dinner dances or bi-monthly theatre trips - and of course the Full length festival circuit!

As I said it's BYOB in the theatre auditorium on Saturday 27th August from 8.30pm and we'll be asking for a 5 donation to cover the costs.

If you havn't already contacted Jim or I that you'll be coming reply to this so we get enough food in. Hope to see you there.


Make sure you've marked the date of the AGM/EGM into your diary - 5th September - please spread the word on this and lets get as many members as possible to attend. Don't forget that membership payments will also be due - if you pay up on the night you'll be the first to walk away with our brand spanking new membership cards!

Naas Clubs Open Day

One of our club members is currently organising a Clubs Open Day for the town - where all the various club (sports or otherwise) can showcase what they do to the public and try and attract new members.

Asides from new members this is a great way to publicise our shows - especially our Panto - as the event will be hosted in tandem with the Family day. It will be taking place on Sunday 4th September (afternoon) down at the Town Council Buildings. I'm looking for some people to help out on the day: 1.) help transport some stuff from the club and set up our stall, 2.) be at our stand at the fair and talk to people about the club and what we do, 3.) be on site to hand out flyers about our forthcoming shows. So let me know if you can lend an hour or two.

I welcome your ideas for what to do on the day to attract attention to us on the day - and I'll set you this challenge specifically - early sept would be the perfect time to enlist some people to be involved in the Panto (small parts and chorus or backstage) as a way of introducing them into the club - is there a way of highlighting this on the day - getting them to sign up and perhaps a companion event a workshop in the club: introduction to acting - and afternoon of improv... to keep them involved?

Culture Night

On Friday 23rd September Culture will be sweeping the nation - you'll need to crawl under a rock if you're to avoid it - but why would you want to there's a mountain of events taking place all over - and the best thing about them all is they're free!

It would probably take you until the 23rd Sept to read through the Dublin programme of events but if you feel like sampling the local culture there's plenty on offer. If we restrict ourselves to just the Moat Theatre you've a POI workshop for teenagers (5-6), followed by "The Belmullet" a pop-up theatre event which saw Eilish make her directorial debut and took the Carnival by storm (7.30), excerpts from 'Dancing at Lughnasa' at 8 and then at 9pm you can take a "drinkin', drivin', smokin', skivin', rockin' ridin', trip" with "Skullduggery" by Gerard O'Shea in advance of its Dublin revival.

For more info on Culture night log onto