2008 Productions


"Once Upon a Time" by Brendan Farrell  ---  28th Nov - 13th December

Our 2008 Pantomime written and directed by Brendan Farrell

Saoirse Clodagh Donnelly
Tom Seán Brophy
Ice Queen Moll Fullam
Flex Fluther Paddy Martin
Jack John Flannery/Gearóid McGauran
Snow White Carol Gleeson/Helen Spring
Little Red Riding Hood Lianne O’Brien/Sarah Gallagher
Tinkerbell Lisa Moorhead
Prince Charming Eanna Walsh
Witch Diane Madison
Handsome Liam McManus
Gruesome Chris Wilson
Tony Di Tiger Johnny Mooney
Hansel Ger O’Shea/Barry Goodwin
Gretel Sanna Karlsson/Róisín Deady
Mayor/Gatekeeper Eunice Lavelle
Gingerbread Witch Sandra O’Rourke Glynn/Ann Fleming
Rapunzel Kayleigh Loughlin
Woody Woodcutter David Nolan

Featured chorus
Sannon Clausen, Cian Lavelle-Walsh, Emma Naughton, Amy O’Brien, Megan O’Driscoll, Oisín O’Meara, Chantelle Vitoria

Aisling Breslin, Ciara Clausen, Shannon Clausen, Kayleigh Loughlin, Emma Naughton, Rachel Naughton, Amy O’Brien, Megan O’Driscoll, Claire Prendergast, Nicole Smith, Lisa Uhleman, Chantelle Vitoria

Aisling Breslin, Ciara Clausen, Erin Clausen, Shannon Clausen, Jack Fleming, Cian Lavelle-Walsh, Kayleigh Loughlin, Emma Naughton, Rachel Naughton, David Nolan, Amy O’Brien, Megan O’Driscoll, Oisín O’Meara, Ryan O’Rourke-Glynn, Claire Prendergast, Nicole Smith, Lisa Uhleman, Chantelle Vitoria


Director-- Brendan Farrell
Musical Director -- Emer Hartnett
Choreographer -- Deirdre Browne
Production Manager -- Siobhan Rawlins
Stage Managers -- Ann Hurley, Pat Breslin, Padraig Broe, David Cullinane, Michael Broe
Stage crew -- Paul Sheehan, Lori Curtis, Kevin Boonstra, Owen Murray, Ross Smith, Paul O’Brien, Cathal Breslin, Paddy Travers, Killian Delaney, Stan Hickey, Michael Broe
Lighting design -- Brigid Loughlin
Lighting operators -- Brigid Loughlin, John Murphy
Sound -- Gus Rogers, Brendan Farrell, Conor Sweeney
Costume Mistress -- Wilma O’Keeffe
Costume assistants -- Siobhan Rawlins, Claire O’Neill, Aoife Breslin
Props -- Brendan Farrell
Set design -- Fergus Smith, Stan Hickey



"Juno and the Paycock" by Sean O'Casey   ---   Tues 21st - Sat 25th October 2008

Juno Boyle Moll Fullam
Captain Boyle Pat Callaghan
Joxer Daly Conal Boyce
Mary Boyle Maria Doyle
Johnny Boyle Mike Murphy
Gerry Devine Johnny Mooney
Maisie Madigan Bredha Sexton
Mrs Tancred Cathy Lawler
Needles Nugent Owen Murray
A mobiliser Barry Goodwin
Furniture removal man 1 Liam McManus
Furniture removal man 2 Paddy Martin
Irregular 1/Coal-block vendor Paul Sheehan
Irregular 2/Sewing machine man Jim Hutchin
A neighbour Sheila Peelo
Second neighbour Pauline Cooney

Director Máire Murphy
Set design Stan Hickey
Set construction & Backstage crew Stan Hickey, Fergus Smith, Mick McElgunn, Kevin Boonstra, Gemma Smith, Padraig Broe, Des O’Connor, Val Goodwin, Eugene Delaney, Michael Broe
Stage Manager Anne Mekitarian
Lighting John Murphy, Bridget Loughlin, Chris Wilson, Brendan Farrell
Sound Stan Hickey
Overture Michael Broe
Costumes Wilma Warner O’Keeffe
Dresser Georgie Clince
Continuity Paddy Martin
Set decoration Patsy Goodwin, Anne Smith, Gemma Smith, Gina O’Connor
Props Pauline Cooney
Curtains Patsy Goodwin



Three Short Plays   ---   Wed 24th - Sat 27th September 2008



Act Without Words II by Samuel Beckett.

Cast and Crew

A Frank Kirke
B Paul Sheehan
Director Paul O'Brien
Assistant Director Eilish Rafferty
Sound David Cullinane
Lighting Brigid Loughlin
Backstage Sheila Peelo, Johnny Mooney



La Corbiere by Anne Le Marquand Hartigan.

Cast and Crew

Marie-Claire Eilish Rafferty
Desiree Lianne O'Brien
Angelique Katie O'Connell
Celeste Sanna Karlsson
Klaus/sailor 2 Gerard O'Shea
Kurt/sailor 1 John Flannery
Man on the Phone Ger O'Shea and John Flannery
Director David Cullinane
Sound David Cullinane, Brendan Farrell
Lighting Brigid Loughlin
Backstage John Mooney
Set Katie O'Connell, John Flannery
Costume Wilma O'Keefe

This production of La Corbiere went on to take part in One-Act Festivals around the country and qualified for the All-Ireland One Act Final in Tubercurry, Dec 2008.


He Said and She Said by Alice Gerstenberg.

Cast and Crew

Felix Haldeman Alastair Conway
Enid Halderman Laura Sheehan
Mrs Cyrus Packard Frances Colohan
Diana Chesbrough Sandra O'Rourke-Glynn
Director Sandra O'Rourke-Glynn
Backstage John Mooney
Lighting Brigid Loughlin


"Sive" by John B Keane   ---   Thurs 19th - Sat 21st June & Wed 25th - Sat 28th June 2008


Nanna Glavin Ann Hurley
Mena Glavin Anne O'Flaherty
Sive Aoife Breslin
Thomasheen Sean Rua Paddy Travers
Mike Glavin Pat Breslin
Liam Scuab Gerard O'Shea
Sean Dota Jim Hutchin
Pats Bocock John Brickley
Carthalawn John Flannery
Director Pat Callaghan
Stage Manager John Mooney
Set Design Fergus Smith
Set Construction Stan Hickey, Fergus Smith, Mich McElgunn, Kevin Boonstra, Gemma Smith, Padraig Broe
Lighting Lianne O'Shea, David Cullinane, John Murphy
Sound Chris Wilson
Costumes Wilma O'Keeffe
Continuity Paddy Martin
Set Decoration Patsy Goodwin, Ann Smith, Kevin Boonstra, Gemma Smith


"Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett    ---   Tues 19th - Sat 23rd February 2008

Estragon Hugh Gallagher
Vladimir Owen Murray
Lucky John Flannery
Pozzo Pat Callaghan
Boy Cian Lavelle Walsh
Director Frank Kirke
Stage Manager John Mooney
Set Design Katie O'Connell
Set Construction Stan Hickey, Fergus Smith, Liz Pmeroy, Katie O'Connell, Louise Reilly, Maura Cunningham, Sandy Kennedy
Lighting Barbara Sheridan, David Cullinane, John Murphy
Sound Maura Cunningham
Costumes Doreen Ryan
Make-Up Terry Pinnell
Continuity Paddy Martin
Road Crew Jim Hutchin, Val Goodwin, Patsy Goodwin, Barry Goodwin