2007 Productions


"A Doll's House" by Henrik Ibsen  ---  Tues 20th - Sat 24th February

The Moat Club's 2007 Festival Play is the revolutionary classic 'A Doll's House' by Norwegian author, Henrik Ibsen.

Set in Christiana Norway, it tells the story of Nora Torvald, a woman who claims to be "happily married" but comes to realise that she isn't. Written in the late 1800's, this Moat Club production has the traditional setting at Christmas time, but with modern translation by Frank McGuinness and a 'fresh' approach to the set by Michael Broe. It offers the audience every opportunity to view Ibsen at his best.

Ibsen's play shocked audiences in 1879 with its radical insights into the social roles of husband and wife. His portrayal of the flawed heroine, Nora, is still one of the most striking dramatic theatrical depictions of late-nineteenth century women.

The part of 'Nora' one of the 'great female' roles is played by Anne Delaney, with Pat Callaghan, Conal Boyce, Padraig Broe, Moll Fullam, Eunice Lavelle and Laura Sheehan amongst the cast.

Nora Helmer Anne Delaney
Torvald Helmer Padraig Broe
Dr. Rank Pat Callaghan
Krogstad Conal Boyce
Mrs. Linde Moll Fullam
Anna Laura Sheehan
Helene Eunice Lavelle
A Porter Ollie Keenan
Ivana Helmer Sorcha Lavelle-Walsh
Bob Helmer Cian Lavelle-Walsh
Emmy Helmer Aoife McDermott / Eilish Kenny
Director Frank Kirke
Stage Manager Sandra Roche
Costumes Wilma O'Keeffe, assisted by Doreen Ryan
Lighting John Murphy
Sound Maura Cunningham
Set Design Michael Broe
Set Construction Fergus Smith, Larry Smith, Mick McElgunn, Stan Hickey, Val Goodwin, Ross Smith, John Flannery
Props Anne Smith, Patsy Goodwin, Sarah Goodwin
Stage Crew Fiona White, Louise Reilly, Kathleen Moore, Jackie O'Reilly, Katie O'Connell
Continuity Ollie Keenan
Artist Anne Smith
Set Painters Anne Smith, Patsy Goodwin, Jackie O'Reilly, Katie O'Connell
Piano Coach Aine Loughran

Murder, Menace & Marriage - Thur 17th April - Sat 21st April

A drama packed night from three major playwrights

The Tinkers Wedding by JM Synge

This is considered one of Synge's most controversial plays. Because of its unfavourable despiction of a priest, the play was considered "too dangerous" for production by the Abbey Theatre until 1971

Michael Byrne Johnny Reilly
Mary Byrne Ann Hurley
Sarah Casey Hazel Travers
A Priest Paddy Martin
Director Paddy Travers
Setting Stan Hickey, Barbara Sheridan, Paddy Travers
Costumes Georgina Clince
Lighting Brigid Loughlin, Barbara Sheridan
Sound Eugene Delaney
Stage Management Jennifer Horan, Owen Murray, Ann Delaney

One For the Road by Harold Pinter

This is one of Pinter's political plays concerning State Terrorism. An interrogator circles his wounded victims taunting them with calculated sadism. The most frightening aspect is that these incidents actually happened in real life every day in many countries around the world.

Nicholas John Phillips
Victor John Brickley
Gila Sarah Gallagher
Nicky Sean Brophy
Director Paddy Travers
Stage Management Debbie O'Sullivan, Ann Delaney
Costumes Georgina Clince
Lighting Brigid Loughlin, Barbara Sheridan
Sound Eugene Delaney
Hair and Make-up Debbie O'Sullivan

Macbeth - An adaptation of the Play by William Shakespeare

The text and design of this production was devised by an ensemble of actors in process with director Lianne O'Shea. The ensemble would like to acknowledge the contribution of Chris Wilson to this process.

2nd Witch/Thane Sarah Butler
Lady Macduff/1st Murderer Paula Cambell
Banquo/Doctor Maura Cunningham
1st Witch/Ross/2nd Murderer Sandra Davis
Macduff Brendan Farrell
Macbeth Gerard O'Shea
Lady Macbeth/3rd Witch Fiona White
Director Lianne O'Brien
Production and Stage Management Aine Heffernan, Carmel Rourke
Lighting Design and Operation Brigid Loughlin
Sound Design Brendan Farrell


'Moll' by John B Keane --19th - 23rd June

'Moll' is perhaps one of the funniest of Keane's plays. He lampoons the natural perceptions of parish order and leaves us in no doubt as to who is running local affairs!

Cast and Crew

Fr. Brest Hugh Gallagher
Miss Andover Sheila Peelo
Canon Pratt Frank Kirke
Fr Loran John Flannery
Moll Ann Hurley
Ulick Paul Sheehan
The Bishop John Brickley
Director Pat Callaghan
Set Design Michael Broe
Lighting Lianne O'Brien
Costumes Wilma O'Keeffe
Stage Manager Fiona White
Set Construction Stan Hickey, Gemma Smith, Fergus Smith, Mick McElgunn, Barry Goodwin, John Mooney
Sound Pat Callaghan
Stage Crew

Padraig Broe, Jackie Reilly, Aine Heffernan, Giliosa Kiernan, Carmel O'Rourke, Louise Reilly, Brigid Loughlin

Coutinuity Moll Fulham
Special Thanks Sue & Patrick, The Moat Theatre Cafe, Rob Mockler, Sally Sheridan, Anne Noonan

Some of the Cast of 'Moll' in rehearsal


Summer Theatre Festival -- 26th - 28th July

A collection of short plays from well known Irish writers to home grown writing talent.

'Oven Ready' by Paul Sheehan

The play is set in Ireland of the early 80's when there was no Celtic tiger, just unemployment, emigration and pressure. We meet four students hoping for sucess. What is sucess? What of the sacrifices and difficult choices they made along the way?

David Johnny Reilly
Stephen Owen Murray
Sarah Eilish Rafferty
Gerry Gerard O'Shea
Director Paul Sheehan
Stage Manager Wilim Abrook
ASM Svende Jahnel
Lighting James Murphy
Sound Sheila Peelo, Gerard O'Shea
Set Design Paul Sheehan, Wilim Abrook
Costumes Sheila Peelo, Wilma O'Keeffe

'Breath' by Samuel Beckett

This piece was performed and presented in the foyer and all four directors from the festival will have an input into its installation. Beckett's works are protected by his estate and all productions of his work have to be approved by them. The Moat Club has managed to secure approval for this project despite the unusual method of delivery

'Come and Go' by Samuel Beckett

Ru, Flo, Vi Louise Reilly, Svende Jahnel, Eilish Rafferty
Director David Cullinane
Stage Manager Conor Sweeney
Lighting James Murphy

'Screen to Stage' Adapted for stage by Maura Cunningham

Plays have been adapted for film many times, Maura feels that it's now time to reverse the order and examine the result. Four short scenes from some art-house films directed by Kubrick and Scorcese have been adapted for stage in order to measure their impact without the use of traditional cinematic tools

Mullholland Drive Fiona White, Louise Reilly, Jonathan McCann, Mary Ryan, Pawel Placzek
Goodfellas Liam Kelly, Colin Furnin, Johathan McCann, Wilim Abrook, David Burke, Derek Melia
Clockwork Orange David Burke, Michael Kelly, Laura Sheehan, Sheila Peelo, Colin Durnin
Annie Hall Sinead Quirke, Wilim Abrook, Derek Melia, David Cullinane, Michael Kelly
Director Maura Cunningham
Set Design Wilim Abrook
Lighting James Murphy
Sound Derek Melia
Stage Management Wilim Abrook

'Revolver' by Gerard O'Shea

The play looks at a number of issues, from the relationship between life and art and how they mirror each other, to human relationships, and the concept of free will and how prevalent or relevant it is. This is the first production of Gerard's play.

Cast Liam McManus, Noeleen O'Brien
Director Lianne O'Brien
Set Design Wilim Abrook
Lighting James Murphy
Stage Management Conor Sweeney



Dawn to Sundown -- 20th - 22nd September

Two Performed Readings

How I Lied to Her Husband - by George Bernard Shaw

Henry Apjohn Joe Byrne
Aurora Bompas Eunice Lavelle
Teddy Bompas Kevin Abrook
Director Hugh Gallagher

Some Kind of Love Story - by Arthur Miller

Eilish Rafferty
Tom O'Toole
Owen Murray
David Cullinane



'And Miss Reardon Drinks A Little' by Paul Zindel -- 23rd-27th October

More information to follow



'Through the Looking Glass' by Brendan Farrell-- 30th November - 15th December

More information to follow