2006 Productions


"Beauty & The Beast" by Eugene Delaney  ---  Fri 1st - Sat 16th December

Our 2006 Pantomime is "Beauty & The Beast", written by Eugene Delaney and directed by Padraig Broe.

Fun and frolics guaranteed!



"Deathtrap" by Ira Levin  ---  Tues 10th - Sat 14th October

"Deathtrap" is a thriller set in the study of Sidney Bruhl's home.  The walls are decorated with framed theatrical posters and a collection of guns, handcuffs, swords and battle-axes.  Eighteen years ago Sidney had one very successful play on Broadway "The Murder Game" but has not been able to reproduce this success.  Sidney "Four-Flop" Bruhl receives the script of "Deathtrap" from student Clifford Anderson which has the potential of being a great success.  Much to the horror of his wife Myra, a plan is hatched to get rid of student Clifford and claim the script as Sidney's own.    

Living next door is psychic Helga ten Drop who gets so close to foretelling and then solving the murder but she can’t quite cross the t's.

Of course everything does not go according to plan for some of the characters and the audience soon discovers that there are a number of hidden motives.

The plot is like quicksilver - each time the audience think they know for certain which way the play is going it slips right through their fingers.

"Deathtrap" was one of the biggest hits in the history of Broadway and has all the components of a thriller story with murder, treachery and deceit.  Suspense and unexpected turns of events will have the audience on the edge of their seats.

Ira Levin also wrote the horror "Rosemary's Baby" and thriller "The Stepford Wifes".

"Deathtrap" is directed by Ann Hurley.


'Agincourt' - After Shakespeare's Henry V   ---   Mon 24th - Wed 26th July 2006


Shakespeare’s history play tells the renowned story of England’s King Henry V (reigned 1413-1422) and his campaigns in France. During the reign of his father Henry IV, it was feared by many that the Crown Prince Hal, as he was then known, was a disaster waiting to happen - potentially one of England’s worst ever rulers, coming at the worst possible time, in the middle of the ongoing 100 Years War with France.

Ultimately, however, Henry proved to be one of England’s most famous and feted monarchs leading his troops through a series of stirring victories over their great rivals the French. Henry’s renown was largely founded on the victory of his troops at the most celebrated battle in British military history - The Battle of Agincourt.

The story of Henry’s leadership and of the victory at Agincourt continues to have resonance in today’s world and remains a constant reference point for today’s political leaders highlighting as it does: war, political expansionism, and the morality of military conflict. With this in mind ‘Agincourt’ - After Shakespeare’s Henry V presents the story of this play in a modern, relevant context. Unlike Shakespeare’s original play, which covers the entirety of Henry’s reign, this production (based on an edit by Lianne O’Brien) concentrates on his military campaign in France, while maintaining the original text.

To reflect the modern setting the company will present an imaginative, exciting, innovative and experimental theatre experience, making complete use of the full range of facilities and opportunities offered by the excellent setting of the Moat Theatre, to include: film, movement, multimedia and music in its presentation, the Company hope ‘Agincourt’ - After Henry V, will be challenging, thought provoking and entertaining.

Edit By: Lianne O’Brien
Company Leaders: Lianne O’Brien & Gerard O’Shea


"The Year of the Hiker" by John B. Keane   ---   Tues 18th - Sat 22nd April 2006

Mary, the daughter of the Lacey household, is getting married to a doctor, Willie Dolly. There are two sons in the family - Joe, who runs the farm, and Simey, who is studying to be a vet. Kate, their mother, and her sister, Freda, form the remainder of the family. The man of the house left 20 years ago and has not been since - until today. Tired and frail, he returns to the family on his daughter's wedding day.

Freda Moll Fullam
Simey Lacey James Haughey
Mary Lacey Louise Reilly
Kate Lacey Laura Sheehan
Joe Lacey Daniel Keogh
Hiker Lacey Frank Kirke
Willie Dolly Johnny Reilly
Director Pat Callaghan
Stage Manager Paul Sheehan
Assistant Stage Manager Tom Kennedy
Lighting David Cullinane, Lianne O'Brien, John Murphy
Set Design Fergus Smith
Set Construction Fergus Smith, Stan Hickey, Larry Smith, Mick McElgunn, Jim Hutchin
Set Dressers Anne Smith, Patsy Goodwin, Una Gribbin
Sound Stan Hickey, Brendan Farrell
Costumes Wilma O'Keeffe
Props Padraig Broe, Paul Sheehan
Music Stan Hickey
Make-Up Ann Hurley


"The Shadow Of A Gunman" by Sean O'Casey   ---   Tues 18th - Sat 22nd April 2006

O’Casey’s tragi-comedy set in 1920 during the War of Independence depicts tenement life in Dublin in a powerful and moving play.

Donal Davoren Eugene Delaney
Seumus Shields Padraig Broe
Tommy Owens John Mooney
Adolphus Grigson Pat Callaghan
Mrs Grigson Frances Colohan
Minnie Powell Maria Doyle
Mr Mulligan Jim Hutchin
Mr Maguire Brendan Farrell
Mrs Henderson Margaret O'Connor
Mr Gallogher John Lalor
Auxiliary John Phillips
Director Paddy Travers


Three One-Act Plays   ---   Wed 22nd - Sat 25th February 2006



Play by Samuel Beckett.

Directed by David Cullinane. A curiously rich mixture of sadness and farce, this three hander was selected to mark the centenary of Beckett’s birth in Dublin.

W2 Sarah Gallagher
W1 Eilish O’Brien
M Hugh Gallagher
Director David Cullinane
Lights David Cullinane, Lianne O’Brien, John Murphy
Set Construction Ann Smith, Patsy Goodwin, Fergus Smith
Continuity Ann Hurley, Padraig Broe


The Actor’s Nightmare by Christopher Durang.

Directed by Moll Fullam. An hilarious comedy where an accountant finds himself on an empty stage not knowing why or even how he got there, then gradually realising he must perform for an audience. The stuff of real nightmares!

George Spelvin Conal Boyce
Meg The Stagemanager Eunice Lavelle
Sarah Siddons  Anne Mekitarian
Dame Ellen Terry  Maire Murphy
Henry Irving  Francis T Kirke
The Executioner Pat Callaghan
Director Moll Fullam
Lights John Murphy
Costumes Wilma O’Keeffe
Sound Design Stan Hickey
Sound Operator Brendan Farrell
Stage Design Fergus Smith
Props Anne Smith
Crew Stan Hickey, Fergus Smith, Anne Smith, Patsy Goodwin, Frances Colohan


The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet (Potted version) by William Shakespeare.

Directed by Lianne O’ Brien. A short slick version of the well-known tragedy where two star-crossed lovers teach us that in the end love triumphs over all things.

Romeo Ger O’Shea
Juliet Maura Cunningham
Benvolio Chris Wilson
Mercutio Liam McManus
Friar Laurence John Mooney
Nurse Fiona White
Tybalt Daniel Keogh
Capulet Frank Kirke
Lady Capulet Ann Fleming
Montague Larry Smith
Lady Montague Amanda Ryan
Paris Liam Kelly
Apothecary Lara Mekitarian
Romeo’s Attendant Lisa Moorhead
Tybalt’s Attendant Claudia Delaney
Attendant Aine Heffernan
Attendant Carmel O’Rourke
And Introducing: The Prince Thomas Manley
Director Lianne O’Brien
Lighting Lianne O’Brien, John Murphy
Sound Lianne O’Brien, Brendan Farrell